AquaClear is a brand of aquarium products from the stable of Hagen Inc. – the largest family-owned manufacturer and distributor of pet supplies in the world. Headquartered now in 20500 Trans Canada Highway near Montreal in Quebec, Canada, and with subsidiaries (sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities) spread across United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Malaysia, Hagen was founded by Rolf C. Hagen way back in the mid-1950s. However, it was not until 1978 when the AquaClear brand made a splash with its clip-on aquarium filter, which has continued to be a global bestseller ever since its launch.

It is not always sales, however, that define – or should define – a company; respect in the market and by peers is as much a credible credential, if not more. Rolf C. Hagen received the prestigious American Pet Products Association’s Hall of Fame Award in 1999 for his significant contribution to the pet industry. And last year, a few months after his demise in October 2011, the APPA renamed its Hall of Fame award to Rolf C. Hagen Award. Point to note: Rolf was a Canadian of German origin! So much for his legacy.

AquaClear, the brand was developed on the same principles and values that its parent company was founded on and continues to operate by – that employees are the spine and growth engine of the company, united by, as the Hagen family puts it, “a common bond of love and compassion for animals”. Therefore, AquaClear is also all about innovative and practical products that make life easier not only for fish hobbyists but also their pet fish.

AquaClear offers a diverse range of aquarium equipment, classified under five categories: Aeration, Filtration, Media Inserts, Pumps, and Replacement Parts.

Under the Aeration category are offered a series of AquaClear aquarium air pumps whose primary function is to fulfil the oxygen requirements of the aquarium’s inhabitants. On the cutting edge of air pump technology, these silent workers promise to deliver the goods for a long, long time.

Without a doubt, Filtration is the star category, because it features AquaClear’s flagship product range, the brand’s claim to fame, and also probably its USP – the clip-on aquarium filter, called the AquaClear Power Filter. The company attributes the success of the product to two things: 1) a chamber basket design that lets users customise the filter media to the aquarium’s requirements, and 2) consistency in product quality. Coming in five different sizes, the product features a special multi-stage filtration system that guarantees the highest level of water quality possible in an aquarium. This super-filter can process seven times the volume of water that other comparable filters can manage. Easy to install and maintain, this filter has a distinctive waterfall design that (ironically) allows smooth inflow of filtered water into the aquarium. There is a flow control feature, too, using which the water flow can be adjusted. All in all, the filter comes fully loaded – with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon, and BioMax added to the mix.

AquaClear offers a long line-up of Aquarium Filter Media Inserts under two broad sub-categories: Clip-on (ranging from Ammonia Remover to Zero Carb – all available in different sizes) and Internal (Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge). Used to control ammonia and nitrate levels in order to reduce stress of fish, the Ammonia Remover is suitable for brand-new or densely populated freshwater aquariums. The Zero Carb Filter Insert does everything that Ammonia Remover does, plus it keeps freshwater aquariums odour-free and prevents discoloration. The Quick Filter Replacement Cartridge on the other hand is equipped with a duo-density pad that can remove even the smallest bits of solid waste effortlessly.

The Pumps category features the AquaClear Powerhead range of pumps that enable various aquarium applications to perform optimally. With a compact, submersible and energy-saving motor, it is particularly beneficial for marine aquariums – wherein it can be connected to protein skimmers. However, freshwater aquariums could also make good use of this product, as it helps protect baby fish and offers healthier water conditions.

Sparing a thought for spare parts, no product can truly be dependable if its components are either unavailable on the market or are irreplaceable. Unscrupulous companies are notorious for not bothering about their customers’ spare-parts requirements. But this will be least of the AquaClear customers’ problems. The Replacement Parts category has it all covered for them. Thus AquaClear ensures a lasting relationship with its customers.

All said and done, it is crystal clear why AquaClear has been a brand to reckon with for almost the past four decades.


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