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28 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

The title can be a bit misleading. No, we do not mean you should feed plastic to the strays. That can be quite drastic and highly fatal to the already unfortunate stray dogs of the world. First their fate leaves them to be domestic but homeless. Then they are abused and tortured by the creators of the dog, us humans.

However saddening the case for India may be, many other countries are taking a step towards empathic humanity and helping the strays live. An inspiring project developing in Istanbul is the first of many. A city in Turkey, Istanbul has over 1.5 lakh stray dogs and cats sharing residence with around 1.4 crore human inhabitants.

A state-of-the-art device invented by Turkish company Pugedon is the perfect example for using technology to help nature. The device encourages the citizens to dispose of their bottles of mineral water in a very eco-friendly way. This recycle bin is about the size of a phone booth and also a dry dog food dispenser. 

pugedon 2 Source: Pugedon

The idea is simple but genius. Passersby have to dispose of the remaining water into a hole which fills up a water bowl for the dogs at the bottom of the machine. The plastic bottles are advised to be dumped in another window which then dispenses a proportional amount of kibble. Watch the video for a demonstration. 



Although Turkey also tried some apathetic policies in 2010 which suggested all dogs to be shipped down to a makeshift ‘wildlife reserve’, activists were quick to refute and protest such an insane idea. India can probably take some lessons in stand up for the rights of the voiceless.

Please discuss how we can do something similar for the welfare of our strays. 

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