Mercy Killing of Dogs: Right or Wrong?

07 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

If you go by religious or spiritual beliefs of Buddhism or Zen, then mercy killing of a dog is not warranted. Every life has the right to die a natural death. Many pet owners are always in a dilemma as it is one of the toughest decision to make. If their dog is in a condition from which it cannot be recovered and only has to live every single day through its suffering, owners sometimes, prefer take their pets to a vet to get them euthanized. Though, this is one of the most heart wrenching thing to do, especially, since, almost all the pet owners are deeply attached to their dogs, the question of this decision being an ethical one is still unanswered.



Putting an end to the dogs suffering by mercy killing is still unethical. This quandary of this act being an ethical one or not is not a universal gospel. If the disease of the dog is infectious and incurable, then a vet would suggest mercy killing as this would prevent the disease from spreading. Sometimes, a few pet owners are negligent and for their own convenience kill their pets if they are unable to take care of them. They do not try alternative methods to ensure that their dog is cured from the ailment they suffer.

There is no good reason to justify the mercy killing of a dog. It should only be an extreme decision when all hope is lost. Dogs suffer from skin cancer or any of the skin ailments which are infectious. Dog owners may tend to get intimidated about the costs involved in the treatment, particularly if their chances of survival are low, and might opt for this option as an easy way out. However, they ought to remember that these loyal souls are no less than our family. They have only us to count on in their good days and bad.  So just imagine, if it were a family member going through the same pain, would we think of euthanasia as an option?

Honestly, it should be an absolute last resort, when you know that no amount of treatment and love can reduce the suffering and physical pain they are going through. It is only then that with a heavy heart you should take on the difficult decision to let your beloved pet go to a better place, where there is no suffering and pain.

Of course, it goes without saying that they will live on in our memories forever…

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