This Dancing Pit Bull Will Prove All Media Wrong [Video]

08 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

And you suddenly stop trusting the fact that the economically wealthy are intellectually healthy. Why so? When the most social conditioned humans have extremly weird ways of expressing their opinions. The masses of today are gullible enough to believe anything and everything. Many dog breeds are suffering from the biased portrayal of the media and Pit Bulls are the leaders of the pack when it comes to banned breeds or believed to be 'most aggressive'. 

It is of utter elation to present this video of a lady who is an advocate in defence of the misunderstood Pit Bulls. Such precise and synchronised dancing can not be found amongst many dancers and here we have a Pit Bull Terier and its human dancing to a track from the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'. 

Pit Bull Terriers are one of the most infamous breeds due to their unfair portrayal across various media and legislations around the world. The accompanied breeds are Rottweilers, German Shpeherds, Dogo Argentinos and many more. In truth, Pit Bulls are one the most loyal and well-tempered breeds that exist. The bloodlines that are used for illegal purposes like dog-fighting and animal baiting are sadly the the ones that are always sensationalized in the media causing unfair outrage from gullible humans. 

Please share your views on this video and register your Pit Bulls on WAG Club!

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